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Originally Posted by LEXX View Post

Yough Bear. Believe it or not, I hold the same view as ElAurens (or the view he/she currently claims). ElAurens recently poasted that he/she would accept the hack/mods if Oleg approved, which is a 180 degree reversal from the usual "mods kill sim" doctrine. I would like to modup 1946 for early Eastern Front simming where Oleg abandoned it for AEP, but I first have to buy 1946. I will do neither unless Oleg gives some kind of approval. No mods, no sale. But this opinion is for myself alone, and for none other.

Simplicity is the start of understanding.

Cant speak for ElAurens but as far as im concerned about "accepting mods if Oleg gave his approval" implies that Oleg or some appointed had the final say in any "official" mod.

So in that sence its no where near a "180 degree reversal"

If Oleg however approved of a free for all modfest online (like thats gonna happen)...well, i for one wouldnt keep on playing this game for long, thats for sure.

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