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Originally Posted by jamesdietz View Post
It appears ,at least for me,that the Airwarfare site is partially disabled today ,so for the moment I can't download these newest terrific Stuka skins...maybe later or another day?
In any case keep up the good work!
Hi there James,
They seem to having problems at the Airwarfare site. The main page was hacked a week ago and now none of the pictures/screenshots are showing. I think the download is working ok though.
The download button is under the box of information on the right hand side of each page titled 'DATA'. You should still see the button marked 'download'.

If it doesn't work for you I'll PM you, with dropbox links so you can get them directly from me. Just let me know and I'll post you a link to my Stukas via dropbox...(and anyone else who wants them too and can't get the download to work).

Cheers, Setback
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