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Originally Posted by Krzysiek View Post
Thanks. Is it special ability "Сила Генома"?

Another question:
(Черный Единорог, file rus_unit_features:
blood_for_blood_header=^def_hint_t0^Кровь за кровь
blood_for_blood_hint=^def_hint_t1^Отвечая не эльфам, всегда наносит критический урон.)
My English friend translated this as:
blood_for_blood_hint=^def_hint_t1^When counter-attacking Elves, this troop always does critical damage.
I understood this way:
When counter-attacking creatures different than elves, this troop always does critical damage.
Who is right?
Yep, absolutely right.
And this is an old passive ability. It was in game since AP.
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