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Generally I think it's better idea to do the quest then to attack Squelch. I'm fairly sure that Bagaba only gives you the "Rotten Butory" quest after you have done Squelch's quest - until you report back to Squelch about you hoisting your flag on Bogis' hut, You can only tell Bagaba "we'll see what Squelch has to say about this".

Darn Frogmen and their silly family feud!

On a side note, after some running around, I came to the surprising discovery that the best option for settling the Cook family Feud is to choose the eldest brother... While the others offer you money and a map, respectively (which leads to... pretty much only more money) and the eldest guy's offer that he will "let you live" doesn't sound charming, when I gave the bandana to him, he and all two of his brother started selling stuff to me. I lose some XP for defeating the two other brothers, but him and the youngest brother were selling such very usefully spells as Resurrection, Phantom and Lighting. Of course I guess this is a random thing, so it's best to save before giving him the bandana.
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