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Originally Posted by Shadowdrake View Post
As a mage I'm supposed to have loads of mana. But 54 just isn't enough when I have to cast Resurrection, Phantom, etc. every round. Is there any way to keep up mana in battles APART from Concentration, Chargers and Mana Spring abuse? (note: I do not have Emeralds yet )
We have to take your mana in context with your level; what level are you, and at what point of the game are you right now?

Concentration/Chargers/Mana Spring/Emeral Green Dragons are the only way of increasing your mana while in a battle.

As for your maximum mana, there are two items that you are sure to get in the game: 1) Image of Sorcery (+20 mana) sold by the artist after the near completion of the griffin king's painting quest, and 2) Old Skull (+3 intellect/+10 mana) given by the shaman at Ellinia.

As a mage, you should also have chosen to start a game wherein the Ancient Amulet (+4 intellect/+15 mana) is sold at the temple beside King Mark's castle; it's a big help, especially at the start, but no need to fret (too much) if you didn't do this.
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