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Your mana is at an acceptable level at that point of the game.

I hope on your initial visit to the Islands of Freedom you went ahead and killed Duke Sov to comlete the Griffin King's 1st quest; only in completing the Griffin King's 2nd quest would you have the chance to buy the Image of Sorcery.

Since you have Distortion magic at level 3, you might want to give Slow a try as well. Only level 2 Slow is needed, and try it out on movement 3 melee enemies.

Don't worry too much about the days/time, as well if you missed out some quests/steps. The people who could finish the game in 10 days or less, even at level 30 and no casualties, are those who have probably finished it multiple times already. Just enjoy the game, especially on your first run, then challenge yourself afterward once you are more knowledgeable. KBTL is a great game in that it has very good replay value.
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