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You go to Demonis in day 3 by avoiding battles. Here is a method.
Day 1 start doing as many quest as you can in Darion and fight only the fights
you need to advance with the quests. Around morning but not after 7:00 you kill the turtle.
Day 2 continue with the quests.You can start clearing all enemy stacks in Darion if you like. I myself left them alive in case ,later,i find items who need a certain number of fights to give extra bonuses.(pain skull,intelligence ring ,Banner of true faith, etc.).Around morning but not after 7:00 you go to Freedom Island. But before you go there leave all army in castles having no army at all with you.
Day 3
Once you are in freedom Island stick with the main quest and leave the islands unexplored for now.The route is :Scott Thomas - Mirabella-Captain Black Eye (Anga's ruby quest) - Lucky James.
At this point pay 100k for the map ,look for an enemy stack and enter the battle .Having no army you lose .So the game will teleport you back to the king's castle.From here continue the main quests but not forgetting to take a route to Marshan Swamp for the Holy Indulgence (Anga' Ruby).Once you got it go to the Dwarfs. From there go to Demonis via Underground Sea.Once you are in Demonis start exploring around avoiding the enemy.With enough luck you will find the spells you need it.Before you leave you may want to look for a stack of dwarfs in a prison near Baal's castle . They are around 400-500 and they will join you for saving them.Use them to storm King's son castle even if they will be out of control in the battle.The strategy to do this is simple. Have them and a troop with no retaliation and enough speed to outrun them. Start the battle casting Invisibility on the "No retaliation" stack. The demoness from enemy's army will use Infernal Exchange on your dwarfs. The dwarfs will kill all the enemy for you.All you have to do is to cast Pain mirror on the dwarfs and keep your other stack invisible.Combine this with Poison cloud from rage spirit Sleem. Once the enemy are dead you can start fighting the remaining dwarfs until they return to your control.
So here you have it. Return to King Mark,witch usually is before 7:00 in the morning , take the boat to Freedom Islands finish the Holy Indulgence Quest and start killing. After that you can be in Ellinia in day 5.

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