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Well, my first GTX 480 arrived today. In every game EXCEPT Cryostasis im seeing massive improvements.

For some reason though, when i play Cryostasis im still seeing the FPS drop to 20 quite frequently during cut scenes. Also, if i use vsync the game caps fps at 30.

I tried it with vsync off and i gain around 20 fps.

I would still like to know why the game drops below 30fps during cutscenes with even a monster card like the GTX 480. Did 1C program this game with their eyes closed?

I can play Metro 2033 using DX11 with every gfx setting maxed out and still play the game above 30fps. Why does Cryostasis have to be so broken? The story was very intriguing and the gameplay would have been fine had the game engine not failed so badly. So many random fps drops for no apparant reason.
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