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Originally Posted by M76 View Post
Whoever you were, who just bumped my post to the end of this thread. Instead you could have provided some help.

I didn't post the problem in this topic on purpose. Mainly because the problem is in not related to the problem already discussed in this topic, and I didn't want the problem to go unnoticed as a random follow up. Secondly the grammar in the topic title is flawed. This is supposed to be an official forum, so at least the topic titles should be correctly framed.
I have moved it to this section because, it's easily identifiable for ALL patch installation problems. It's not for any one particular problem as the thread title indicates. There is no need to create two threads with similar problem descriptions. I also didn't answer your question because I don't have one for you at the moment. Maybe someone else will be able to aid you. I'm also not going to go around correcting everyones grammar, or spelling. If it's suitable, I'll leave it alone as I do not wish to insult any member. If there are many complaints, or confusion then I will take the appropriate action. Please keep in mind that although this is an English forum for RnR, not everyone has command of the English language. So I tend to give a lot of leeway in this respect.

Certain English versions from sites such as Impulse, will not let you install the patch, and will show up as an error because, some of them have the patch built-in, and therefore is not required. I have also changed the title of this thread. I will not make it a habit though. If you have a grammar/spelling problem, please be considerate, and keep it to yourself, and not publicly humiliate the person. If the problem is serious enough, and creating a lot of confusion, then PM me, or another Mod., and we will correct it without hurting someones feelings.

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