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Originally Posted by USA Trucker View Post
Certain English versions from sites such as Impulse, will not let you install the patch, and will show up as an error because, some of them have the patch built-in, and therefore is not required.
I have an off the self dvd version of the game. I've sworn never to buy any downloads again. Exactly because their support is limited, patches don't work, if I loose my password I loose the game, and loads of other problems that I wouldn't have with a retail version.
I have also changed the title of this thread. I will not make it a habit though.
I only complained because clearly by moving my post into this thread you elected this to be a collection thread of patch installation problems, and in that case I think the topic title should be corrert.
If you have a grammar/spelling problem, please be considerate, and keep it to yourself, and not publicly humiliate the person. If the problem is serious enough, and creating a lot of confusion, then PM me, or another Mod., and we will correct it without hurting someones feelings.
I don't think pointing out a grammar problem is about humiliation, I can't see why would anyone be humiliated by this. If noone ever tells you that you're doing something wrong, how could you realize it? Its the same behavior when you see somone struggling with something and instead of helping you just walk away. You're being inconsiderate if you say/do nothing. And this doesn't mean anyone should go around editing posts' grammar, but if you're already merging two topics why not fix the title?
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