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Originally Posted by bubblesjs View Post
I don't know if any one else has noticed this, but even the deliverys where there is no "competition", they still don't give you enough time limit for you to even to be able to just drive casually, you still have to drive at 70+mph just to reach the bloody destination in time!
All of the competition deliverys are a load of bullshit aswell, I tried one yesterday, and all but one lorry started about halfway to the destination, and the one behind me about 2 minutes after we started came flying past me like I was standing still!
So what I reccomend is completing the game first (how it is meant to be played, driving fast and stupidly) so you get a shitload of money, and then once you have completed the game, just drive at your own pace, because then you will have a load of money from completing the game, so therefore you can compensate for the forfiet.
Also has anyone noticed that when you change the graphics settings, nothing looks different at all?
you don't have to drive like an idiot to complete the loads in time. the argrosy you start out with is more than fast enough to complete the loads on time and in first. on any difficulty weather it be rookie intermediate or pro I don't know what the actual setting names are but you get the idea. full throttle helps out a lot even though it eventually bogs down your motor is what I'm going to assume because my tractor isn't running 82 flat land anymore. Yes I ran 82 but I didn't "drive stupid". I wasn't cutting off cars right and left and driving on the shoulder or the wrong side of the road all the time. it's how you drive and knowing your routes and how to get there the fastest and well beating the hell out of your tractor. the game obviously isn't a "simulator" and seeing as how you're competeing against other drivers pulling the same load you're going to have to drive fast. you don't puss around and lolly gag around I mean when was the last time you seen an o/o running speed limit? speed limit on the interstate in my state is 75 I get passed some nights by drivers running 80-85 so when you look at it speed is actually pretty realistic. if you've got a problem with the time just bob tail around and play the game that way.
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