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Originally Posted by Qpassa View Post
160-200 kmh and you wont have any problem
You land at those speeds? I'm wondering if a higher landing speed might be a good idea. It seems that would solve the pancaking problem.

Blackdog, Jameson, Robtek, I've tried a form of all those things I think lol. I have always prided myself on being able to plop anything down on any runway given all the bush flying I do in flight sims. I don't pay a lot of attention to glide slopes (unless it's IFR) or early alignment to the runway. Blackdog's approach it pretty close to what I have been doing.

Heck, landing a Corsair on a carrier is cake...but this 109 is the damnedest thing. I ended up bouncing another landing so high (after a 4 kill mission...) it stalled on the way back down. I guess the game felt sorry for me and didn't crumple the landing gear on me again.

Grass runways are the worst. Very subtle visual cues in the peripheral vision. I think I am going to try abandoning the three point landing and just set the main gear down at a little higher speed.

I guess I just need a lot more practice in the plane. It certainly is a spoiler, you have to really jerk it around to stall it and take offs are no worse than other planes.

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