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Arrow Pedestrian Mod.

OK. Since the last Pedestrian Mod thread was a not up to par, and had to be closed down twice, I have PM'd several people with my suggestions, and asked of theirs that had unresolved issues with this mod. I have evaluated their concerns, and inputs with regards toward this mod. The last thread was full of confusion, contradictions, incomplete instructions, lack of cooperation with their partners, and general bugs with the Rig'n'Roll program itself. Therefore I have decided to create this new one from scratch, and keeping only one Pedestrian Mod that had better instructions, and the least problematic.

If anyone else wishes to enhance, or create a different Pedestrian Mod with good instructions, and report known issues, or bugs, please do so. If you can't handle constructive criticism, or complaints about your Mods, then please don't post them. There was one good Pedestrian Mod from Nicu_n21 that will be posted below this post. It was well written, and had the least complaints. It needs some tweaking as reported by other members. So I'll let him address them as the situation warrants.

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