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Sorry for the delay

2:THEN REPLACE THE FILE NAMED script.jar from your main directory of the game . the default lacation is:C:\Program Files\RigNRoll\Data
3:then download and install latest Java
4:rename the folder "Jvm" in the game folder located in "C:\Program Files\RigNRoll" in the "Jvm2"
5:create a new folder "Jvm" -
6:go to the directory C: \ Program Files \ Java \ jre6 \
7:There are 2 folders "bin" and "lib" and copy them into the folder "Jvm" located in your main directory of the game

Now Java, which uses the game "updated"

the original file is: coming soon
the file which has been modified is:

Those who have problems with pedestrians, they have because their computers, no because of the game or the modification. If their computers not give them permission to play the game at the maximum details, then, I advise they not to make this change.

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

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