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Originally Posted by VNfan View Post
Register20: I like Russian trucks, they're pretty cool. I was in Estonia a couple of years ago, and saw Kamaz, GAZ and all the others. I wouldn't like to have to drive one daily, though .
Hehe, cool to see that someone has visited Estonia. Was it business or pleasure ?
Don`t see much of those Russian trucks here anymore, but they do still move occasionally. And if they do you can smell it a kilometer away or see the smoke.
You are right about your roads, I did go to Norway with my father in summer 2010 (he hauls factory produced houses from Estonia to Norway). 110kph downhill and curves with a truck got my adrenaline pumping well Almost as scary as driving a bike 280kph.

But to stay in topic: planning to make a career change to become a trucker. Currently a car fleet manager (full service lease).

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