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Originally Posted by Ubaku
Originally Posted by GargantulaKon

I think all of the waiting came out of Ubaku. I just found out this game again so I can wait a few more months as long as the simulation rocks when it is released.
Eh I'm still here. After all the time and effort I put into this game I'm not giving up this easily. I still have Igor Belago's personal email and if we are very upset we can always tell him personally.

He really does reply, in fact the last letter we got from him is a reply to my email. And the Igromir expo in Moscow is coming up really soon and I heard many of the people at the Russian 1C forums are going there and will make video footage of Rig'n'Roll like last year.

See every year its the same thing. I swear dejavu is not the word with this game. This is just going to repeat in a horrible cycle forever until we all go insane. Sorry we changed the release date to 2009. We hope you can understand that we are very busy. Oh just shut up already!!!!

I recently tried GTA Vice City and San Andreas and let me tell you that this game has everything we want from RnR and it did not take 5 years to develop!!!!

And as far as I understand it Rig'n'Roll will be very similar to GTA except you cant kill people, but it will be in the same style.
Ubaku when that Igromir expo will start?
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