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@Vulture: There was a (lengthy) discussion about Ancient Ents tanking in another thread; that was what I was thinking of when I mentioned them.

Also, with one of the boots (Pilgrim? +1 speed to slowest) and some of Lina's boosters--KB:AP makes it even easier with dragon to give +2 speed--they can actually get nearly halfway across the map on turn 1 even if you use your cast for a buff spell (Stone Skin, Magic Spring) to boost their defenses.


@Helios: Take advantage of the fact that they are not subject to retaliation from the flanking units (the bonus damage hexes). So if you KILL the unit they are targetting directly, they face no retaliation and stay undamaged heading into the next turn for Time Back.

Also, militaries all over the world are built on the premise that Speed. Kills. Run away from a tough spot, get to an opponent that thought they were safe, whatever. Particularly if you're using them to mop up after (you 'Wait' on their turn, with them out of range of the opponent) you've done distance damage from other units, and then dart in for a quick mop-up so they stay undamaged.

The very first game (non-Sega Genesis version of 'King's Bounty') that I played I found multiples of everything: 3 silver rapiers, 2 snake boots, 2 jackboots, 2 dwarf hammers, two or three of a bunch of things. Unfortunately Royal Snakes were *not* that thick on the ground, so those boots didn't help much... but that was when I fell in love with Sea Dogs.
+ 2 base speed
+ 1 bonus (wife: Rina)
+ 2 wear two boots (Rina can have the other...)
= 5 base speed before adding in Lina's chargers, Haste, or their built-in Running talent.
AND Rina gives them +1 initiative as well as the speed.


Would I have preferred to use froggy Feonora with two snake boots for Royals? Sure, but sadly she can't wear boots. So I can either stick with one of the double-boot wives and have fast movers, or I can increase the attack but slow down the movement. If I'm fighting Haas with two Dragon Slayer swords equipped (yes, I had one show up in addition to the one from the tourney) then mobility matters more to me than raw attack.
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