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Certain equipment to boost a flaw is always inferior to increasing an already amazing feature with even more of it. What's the point in equipping utter crap to make up for major flaws of your arm composition when instead you can just get better units and then have no obligations equipment-wise because you don't have to make up for anything ?
Except of course, if you don't care how you perform and just zerg through with Hordes of your 5 troops edited into King Mark's castle.

I don't see the point in equipping 3 items with speed boost and nothing useful otherwise on them just to correct speed problems. I mean, wearing Anga's Ruby just for one unit is even borderline wasted and I sometimes wonder why I do it but 3 to everything including morale for them is way better than just +1 speed.

The Human set is just bullcrap. You'll end up with 12 Atk and 35 Def, killing exactly nothing past Elinia. Until then, tho, you'll have decent fun with the increased morale through Knights and Guardsmen.

About the Whip/Dagger: if those are your ONLY weapons you will wear (aka you're not a Warrior or your wife has no weapon slots) then you'll have to go with 4 that benefit. That means girls, Skellies and Bowmen/Thorns with a random supporter (Shaman because you'll probably need the totems to keep the damage off the girls). If you can wear 3 or more weapons so you'll have some atk, too, you can probably only go with anything you want but should use the girls at least.
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