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No argument there about enhancing a strength rather than compensating for flaws. My interest in using these different units is to get some more variety out of the game and try some things I haven't before with some added challenge.

The sets in general don't seem to add enough bonuses to warrant taking up the equipment slots required. They could use a boost.

Thanks for the advice on the viability of the whip and dagger. I'll keep that in mind as I play. The Undead don't seem like a good choice for those equips, and it seems highly dependent on class + units when to use them. I still haven't completely settled on the class for each race I'll play with either--I'll leave that open to advice, as I'll have plenty of time between each lengthy game!

I can't believe I didn't make an effort to get the two kinds of vampires into my playing style before! They're great, and would be well worth investing in Tolerance to get into a typical game. I'm going to be spoiled by their ability to replenish themselves. I'm not enjoying the ghosts as much, though. They get out of control very easily, and I find it impossible without loading to get through battles without losing one or a few when getting them back under control when I inevitably lack the leadership to control them. I'm hoping to find some other gems of units that I've missed like the vamps.
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