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Default Happy to find this place!

Brian here, XBLA Tag "KISS MY IRISH A". Just recently got BoP. I'm a longtime vet of IL-2 2 on PC but my PC died and I wanted to try the new console game. Aviation is my passion and my reconstructed shoulder (baseball) is the only thing that prevented me from following the family tradition of military aviation. I don't currently have a flight stick for Xbox, and I was wondering what other thought about the playability of a gamepad on simulation difficulty. I deffinatly miss the dynamic campaign mode of the old PC game. I always played with full realism, and my longest career (without dying) was 23 missions (in ten years of gameplay), this experience gave me a great respect for the men who flew the real thing!
My favorite ww2 aircraft (by far) is the La-7 b3x20. Perfectly manuverable, fast, stable, and 3 20mm cannons made quick work of damn near anything!
I'm a stay at home dad now so I play whenever my little man is napping or sleeping, usually 10pm to 1am CST and sometimes noon to 2pm. Please add me to your friends list. I'm a friendly, experienced pilot and a deffinate team player!
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