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Originally Posted by graybeard19 View Post
Hi Fellow pilots, I am new here..Dont have birds of prey YET...but do have orig IL2, pacific theater, forgotten em. I like flying all the planes, dont understand some of the aiming devices on the german 109, and others...not like a p47, or brit planes, for some reason they shoot off to the left of the aiming thingy...WHY???? no clue. Guess my fave planes to fly are the p47d, Spitfire, Yak 3, Lav 5, and IL2 mod...what a plane! OH, forgot the tempest...dont know why you cant fly the one like it, forgot name,,,still has that scoop all gaming in the air...take care, watch you 6
I played and loved the PC game for ten years. Your gunsight in some aircraft (like the 109) are not center mounted. Go to your controls and find "toggle gunsight ( control G by default I think) this will adjust your view so you can aim!
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