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Originally Posted by Irish Smitty View Post
I played and loved the PC game for ten years. Your gunsight in some aircraft (like the 109) are not center mounted. Go to your controls and find "toggle gunsight ( control G by default I think) this will adjust your view so you can aim!

your german planes in BoP dont have you can only fly 3rd person or virtual cockpit without the istrument panel. you cant use a key board either. in your menu you can configure your flight stick. its been forever since i played BoP..if they show an ace edge use that for your hori.

if you have a hard time flying play with your sensitivities. do yourself a favor and do some searches. everything you all are having problems with...has been written about...and if there is a is listed.

its a pretty decent does have bugs ( which are also listed )...but you can have hours of fun with this.
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