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Default A 'nother Noob!

Hey, new (as of yesterday) to the forum. I fly on the PS3 PSN ID: veritas41 and I'm central-USA time zone.

I was never into PC gaming or 'flight sims' but I liked the arcady 'Secret Weapons over Normandy' game that was for PS2 which was a WW2ish game. I came acrossed BoP and gave it a shot and I liked it quite a bit! Considering the difficulty realistic and simulator mode can create, along with a good online interface, it definately is a keeper... enough to actually provoke me to look for any BoP forums!

Currently I'm still going after unlocks and still trying to brush up on more advanced dogfighting tactics... and figuring out whether I like the standard or aviator controller setup. I'm getting a hang on things but there is a ton of room for improvement from my end. I keep an eye-out for anyone wanting to go a few rounds on BoP so feel free to PM or contact me on PSN!

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