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Default Ju 87B Stukas

Hi Guys
The Ju 87 3D model in the game has a fault with the propeller hub area.
I spent half a day getting the center of the prop but it distorts the circle so you have to keep the hub rather small and stick to one colour or two.
In order to make the skins look better I would love to add the aircraft warning signs but I can't find any photo's showing close up's of the sign's.
I found one and added it on the cowling Frostschulz Glykol 50/50
If anyone can assist I'd be grateful for help or knowledge in this area.

Ju 87R Stuka 2./StG3 S1+NK Bulgaria 1941
Ju 87R Stuka 2./StG3 S1+RK Bulgaria 1941
Ju 87R Stuka 2./StG3 S1+TK Bulgaria 1941

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