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@Oxygenes: The Battleship modules you have shown are quite something, I really could imagine a version of the Linkor which is just slighty longer (thanks to the modules you managed to seperate from the model) and maybe some more armor plates, like the 2 near the engines at the end of the ship.

Kinda funny though that the alien pilots can be seen, makes you think it was extracted from another game, which I also have done plenty of times, so I don't think its a big of a deal.

@All: The Status of this mod is now, suprisingly even to me, completely UNKNOWN. I have no idea if the mod works anylonger. I know for sure it works on my end, and also on an Testbench running Win7 Ultimate flawlessy.

I have uploaded an repack just recently, but on ModDB I have also got some reports suggesting there are still things causing CTD's, but most interestingly, this time its the Market Caravans. Which work with no problems on my end, also.

Its REALLY frustrating, because some reports just state that something happened, but don't go into the details, nor give me any kind of savefile or even a logfile. Which are even stated in the Troubleshooting section in the Install Tutorial article linked on ModDB, which just irritates me, and because of that, the game gets corrupted early on due to false variables/non existing ones.

TL;DR: If the mod works for you, on your end. with no CTD's. PLEASE just post an BIG OL' OK in red or something with a big smiley face after the OK or something similiar, so I know it works for you. Because Seemingly my Install Instructions are just too complicated for some people.
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