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Originally Posted by Caveman View Post

2) We exchanged an email on this years ago; perhaps you remember... I really think there is a segment of users out there in the community like myself that would pay over $100 dollars for "premium user package" that would include additional tweaks or modules that are locked and not provided to all users... Perhaps some advanced flight modeling, tweaked graphical features, etc... I know add-ons can address these needs, but you have such a personal following and people who know sims know you give quality and would be willing to pay more with your stamp of approval. At the very least, I hope you're getting a good kickback % on the add-ons that are produced for SOW. The whole flight sim business model should be different than shooters... Not sure it can withstand a high price for all users, but to make up for lack of total users, price needs to be higher...

In general, it seems shooter folks are starting to get bored of the cheap/fast thrill of shooters and are looking for substance. Perhaps in the coming years, we'll see a ressurgence of interest in simming like there was in the early/mid 80s with the original MS FS which "every" gamer had in there PC collection.
I totally disagree with this post. The segment of users like yourself is 1) probably very small 2) Surely elitist, in the negative sense of the word.

Paying 100 USD (!!!!!!) for a "premium user package", or even 30 USD, to get "additional tweaks or modules that are locked and not provided to all users" (!!!!!!!!!!) will be accepted by a very small minority of users, and thus create little revenues, but will for sure create a "digital divide" between "richer" and "poorer" customers. I can't imagine a better way to destroy and upset a loyal base of customers.

I'd prefer rather to pay for patches, if they include additional content. This will put all users on the same level and increase revenues IMHO, provided that the cost is reasonable and well distributed along the time.

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