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well I have just tried the game. Played about 30 minutes. And I'm dissapointed. The physics are strange, truck and trailer moves as one object and doesnt feel fluuent on the road. No realistic inertion. Not realistic interaction between traile and truck It looks like it has been done to make it easy to drive, cuz it seems that there are physic ,cuz some thing really looks very realistc and it is strange how in king of the road everything was much better so I don't think they have forgotten how to make physics. I think some optional Hardcore patch could fix things. Maybe someone who talks russian could mention about it to developers? Than sounds - Really weird idea. It seams the just recorded sounds at diferent rpm an put it in game, wich doesn't work for me.

Didn't check everything else, but for now it is very strange how can it be so much worse tahn King of the road.
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