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lol well excuse me MR. MORAL i didn't know i didn't have the f*ck'n'right to do whaterver i want with MY game ...and beside what kind of stupid moral is this that under 20 euro you don't cheat ...???? that must be the most ignorant shit i have ever heard ...well let see ....hmm ohh god i payed 300 $ for that game ..hell let's go cheat guys the cheat mobile ...

Anyway I'll give you some moral that you better remember ...when you only have ignorant things like that to say MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS ok ? AND DON'T write anything here it's useless and serves no purpous + i don't need your opignion i need cheats don't have any then shut up ...simple as that huh ? (this world is so simple when you THINK).
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