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Hello there!

Well guys I just made my account on forum today.Actually made it couse of my holly quest for solving problem with ATTT bug.Than (as any common manager on his vacation) I shooted few more topics and found my self browsing arround the forum like kid in pile of biscuites

Than Couldn't resist , had to say something ( again professional deformation , I admit) ; I would just like to say that I really like to see that "eastern" brains making fine break trough the market bringing fresh ideas,solutions and warm feelings in games where ever I play.For long time all that small independent studios was developing unfinished or badly brushed products on market (well guess we all know why ) sunking potentional jewells of games just becouse they HAD to let it go as it is ( again, we all know why I guess).
Please stop that, I want to see that games coming out polished and finalised as it should be and I want to see that games filling our local (or more wide) gaming magazines without usual coments of unfinished buisness . You guys from 1C know that better than me ( I am not in any kind of Gaming job) ,first of all PLEASE relese that online store or whatever it is so we can buy games! as someone already mentioned it I had to by accident bump on my employee and cought him playing ATTT in working time to find out what great potential that game have/had (I tooked game from his PC with that dangerus eye look and bring it to my home wasting my vacation on game play hihih) .More targeted and focused marketing please for all projects you working on atm.Make this forum get on LVL when it will be overcrowded by inpatient people screaming for game.Most of them really diserves it.And keep that warm Sloven touch in them.It is indeed unique.

Best regards and sorry about lousy English
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