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Hi Evgeny,
Would it be possible for 1C to consider making a title on similar lines to Rainbow6:RavenShield. As the R6 series has now pretty much died, but has a huge following of classic R6 fans, but they have no decent game now and are forced to find other arcade FPS. There seems to be a gap in the market now for a realistic PC based tactical FPS, Granted, i have looked at Death to spies, but i prefer shooting the guns a bit more, not too much of this sneaking around stuff.
-keeping it just realistic special forces rather than the fiction Rainbow team.
-Would be very cool to have Spetznaz and all others like SAS, SBS, GIGN, G9, Delta etc...
-A game where you can plan missions of assault on buildings, hostage rescue, have realistic weapons for each different elite forces team too.
-where you can have a team of 8 people doing an assault together, so you can work as a team to cover each other, smoke, flashbang, etc.
-a game where such things are modelled like the power of some guns/bullets affect on body armour acurately modelled etc.. so that you have to fine tune your approach for each mission from your intelligence on the terrorists in order to be really effective.
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