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Default Help: Paladins disappearing after 2nd tutorial fight?

Hello everyone,

I need a little help with a small problem. I started playing King's Bounty: Armored Princess/Crossworlds today. I started as a warrior and I played through the training academy until the 2nd or 3rd fight. You have to defeat a bunch of plants/ents. The game recommends using (fire) magic as an extension of the magic tutorial but since I'm not a mage I have no magic. And none of scrolls I have contain any fire spells either. Anyway I still managed to beat them. The paladins I just recruited (also part of the tutorial) made short work of them, but after the battle they have suddenly dissapeared. I reloaded the game, won the fight again and again bye-bye paladins. So is this some kind of bug or is this supposed to happen? It's wierd, because they're not supposed to be dead or anything. So now I don't know if I should just ignore it and continue on or to reload again and try something different.

Thank you in advance.
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