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Default to close soon

Another stalwart of the IL-2 community, online over twenty plus years, is closing up shop.

Time to Shut Up Shop:
Time to Shut Up Shop @ the Internet Archive:

Originally Posted by Bone Head at
Hi guys

I feel B-F and the forum in general has finally fizzled out.Coming up to 21 years old its time to pull the plug.

Its been a pleasure. Live long and prosper
From the message Bone Head posted I get the impression that the BF1 IL-2 dogfight server will be going down at the same time?

Even the Facebook page is no longer active. Although it is still viewable it will probably going away some time soon also.
Originally Posted by Facebook
This Group Has Been Archived
An admin archived this group on July 28, 2019. You can't create posts, like, comment or add more members, but you can still view all posts
battle-fields(dot)com on Facebook:
(Unfortunately you must be logged into FB to see the content.)

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