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The reason I wasn't to impressed by the game is due to the simple fact that it took almost a decade to make. It was supposed to be a "simulator" and it's really not. Yea it's got good graphics but the 18 wos series is more simulation than Rig N Roll. That and the designers wanted to make it like the U.S. using paccar, navistar, etc, yet you get a 5 spd to start out with. There isn't a tractor in the U.S. that has a 5spd in it. Lowest I've seen is an 8. So it's not accurate. apparently they didn't know as much about the trucking industry as they should've or they figured the people that buy it are to stupid to shift an 18 speed I don't know. but as of right now I think I can safely say that I've forgot more about the trucking industry than the designers will ever know.
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