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I think many people are hating this game because it is marketed as a trucking simulation but when they pay the money and install it, they are very disappointed with the arcade gameplay. If this game had been advertised as a trucking arcade racer, I would not have purchased it. Having bought a sim only to find out it's far from it, I was rather angry about it. Sure, it's a decent game IF you like this type of game. Personally, I think they owe me my money back since it was falsely represented. If I buy a motorcycle, I don't want to find a bicycle when it's shipped to me. It's the same with this game, I wanted a sim and got a arcade game that I personally find pointless and boring.

Oh, and as for why I personally come back on the forum even after I've long ago quit playing this game, I come back to spread the word. If I can help one person not get taken by buying this game under false pretenses, then I consider that a good thing. If they are looking for an arcade trucking game, go for it. If they are looking for a sim, I'd be less of a person to not warn them about what they are buying.

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