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Default New Mage in need of suggestions

alright so I've been browsing the forums, but haven't found out much information on what I need.

The first thing I'd like some help with is army compensation. What I'm asking is what percentages of tanks to ranges should I use? Could you guys give me suggestions based on 2k leadership? i think this will help new players with army comps.

How are ancient bears good tanks when they only have 70 hp? I lose one everytime they get attacked. That's even with stoneskin/archmage buff. They may not die the first hit, but usually around 2-5 hits and that unit dies. With inquisitors if I lose 3 bears I can only Res 2. Does that mean inquisitors scale with units? Or what?

That's enough for now, but I'll be adding more as I can get some answers on these. Thanks guys I really appreciate it. THIS GAME ROCKS.
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