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Originally Posted by trevisan View Post
hi, im new on the game and im having some doubts hou to build my char.

i love ranged weapons, but so far i miss so much that it doesnt looks like a good investment (ammo + a lot of points for aiming...). so i want to know:

its better go for melee (non tecnical like swords or tecnical like chainsaws or cattle shoker?) or ranged ones (rifles and pistols ou machineguns?)

im really in doubt. and about the stats (intelect, strg, etc) its possible to use them to increase the weapon damage or only by passive skills?

ty in advance!
You have a lot of different options in the game. I think it's fully set to allow you to choose any of them and have a character capable of completing the game. You get other party members to augment your main character whom you can build as you please but are much more limited.

That being said, your main character will become a mage, a hardcore one that can use swords and armor and stuff, but a mage nonetheless. I'd advise saving quite a few points in the beginning until you can see all the skills you'll get. Then, specialize in a few of them because most of your main damage skills don't get good until you put a bunch of points into them. However, many support/buff spells are good with only one point and do not get much better with upgrades.

So... you can build him however you like, but your mage spells will likely be your bread and butter in the end. I like to make mine use a big sword but have lots of magic damage and nuke like crazy with big spells and a couple big hits in between. You can do it however you like though. Maybe even try a few different ways...
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