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That’s odd. You must be a really nasty person in your game (I mean that in a nice way). Do you go around killing people?

You take the warriors (and anyone else there) to a town that you control. I don’t see the point of taking then to someone else’s town. If the local town is unfriendly, go and find out why. It may be that the town is being attacked all the time. Go and sort it out.

To answer your question, I’m the ‘overseer’ of just two towns. I didn’t conquer them, I was appointed their leader on completing quests for the Elders. In both Freestead and Byridge I receive tribute every time I talk to the Edler. I don’t take much tribute, I instruct the Elder to provide the guards with better weapons.

It’s also a good idea to go around all your guards and do a weapons inspection. You can then heal and equip them with better weapons and armour.

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