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i found this :

(1) Flask
(2) Burner


(1) Poisonous sting
(2) Fern blossom
(3) Spider legs powder
(4) Viper fangs powder
(5) Mammoth tusk powder
(6) Gold nugget
(7) Honey
( Malachite
(9) Nettle
(10) Oak bark
(11) Earthnut
(12) Tutsan
(13) Herb paris
(14) Spurge flax
(15) Elderberry
(16) White root

Solutions Recipes

(1) Spider legs powder solution
(2) Viper fangs powder solution
(3) Nettle solution
(4) Oak bark solution
(5) Tutsan solution
(6) Spurge flax solution
(7) Elderberry solution

Decoctions Recipes

(1) Spider legs powder decoction
(2) Nettle decoction
(3) Oak bark decoction
(4) Tutsan decoction
(5) Spurge flax decoction

Potions Recipes

(1) Poisonous Balm = To make the "poisonous balm", add tar to a spurge flax decoction. Poisonous balms are used to add protection against "the Power of Poison" to armor, helms, and shields. A skilled armourer can also use poisonous balm to treat jewellery.

(2) Poison = To make "poison", squeeze a sting into an empty flask.

(3) Elixir of Strength = To make "Elixir of Strength", just squeeze a hop leaf into an empty flask. Unfortunately, the necessary kind of hop does not grow in Woodland, so one would have to search for it in the shops of foreign merchants.

(4) Elixir of Agility = To make "Elixir of Agility", squeeze a fem blossom into an empty flask. On consuming the elixir, the user will feel that agility has been increased by 5 points.

(5) Elixir of Stamina = To make "Elixir of Stamina", dissolve mammoth tusk in an empty flask. However, such powder is very rare, all mammoths of Woodland died many thousand years ago.

(6) Philosopher's elixir= To make "Philosopher's elixir", dissolve a gold nugget in poison. Elixir concentration is equal to that of the poison. A Philosopher's elixir can turn any armor, weapon or arrow into gold.

(7) Holy water = To make "holy water", add honey into a tutsan decoction and thoroughly mix it. Holy water is used to add protection against "the Power of Chaos" to armor, helms and shields. A skilled armourer can also use holy water to treat rings, bracelets and necklaces.

( Antidote = To make "antidote", mix poison with a healing balm. Its concentration will be equal to the lowest of the ingredient concentrations. A stronger antidote will cure more poison.

(9) Fire acid = To make "Fire acid", add tar into spider powder decoction. "Fire acids" are used to add fire damage to weapon. . A skilled armourer can also use the fire acid to treat jewellery.

(10) Fire balm =

(11) Healing balm = To make a "healing balm", squeeze a white root into an empty flask.

(12) Boiling acid = To make a "Boiling acid", mix nettle decoction with elderberry solution. Armourers use Boiling acid to improve hitting power of weapons. A skilled armourer can also use Boiling acid to treat rings, bracelets and necklaces.

(13) Stone balm = To make "the stone balm", add malachite to an oak bark decoction. Apply it to a piece of armor or a weapon and it will offer better protection against melee weapons or arrows. A skilled armourer can also use the stone balm to treat jewellery.

(14) Snake acid = To make "Snake acid", mix poison with viper fangs powder solution. Armourers use snake acid to add permanent poison to weapon. The amount of additional damage depends on snake acid concentration. A skilled armourer can also use the snake acid to treat jewellery.

(15) Elixir of life = To make "the elixir of life". First, make a tutsan decoction. Then add some fresh honey to it. Then squeeze the herb Paris into the holy water.

(16) Oil = To make "oil", squeeze an earthnut into an empty flask.

Thnx to SilverSarakin
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