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I'd like to know how to get this damn thing to work too. For mine, the clip distance was set to 0.8. I don't understand these bloody variables, but it seems that I've got to change them somehow. How, exactly, I haven't the slightest clue.

In my order of operations, I'm going to test this little option settings menu by deleting the 20-24 variables, and see where that takes me.

If it doesn't work, I'll dig into the vietnam or original men of war file to figure something out. Maybe patch 2.00 will fix it. Wish me luck.

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"Quick, wasn't it?" (commandos 2 reference. Props?)

It worked perfectly. I simply went into the *options.SET* file and opened with *Notepad*

I scrolled until I found the following:
{clip_distance 0.8}
{gamma 1}
{brightness 1}
{contrast 1}

I highlighted them, and deleted them.

When I re-opened Assault Squad, it worked perfectly. Didn't get any number exception. 'Easy as pie.'

Just do the same thing and it should work for you.

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