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Default Few things to improve

Originally Posted by Moobke View Post
It looks quite good but there is one thing bothering me.

I still haven't been able to get Theatre of War 1 working so why would i even bother buying the second one? If you would solve the "crash on load" problem and i actually can play the game then maybe i could be more excited about the second one.

I re-formatted my PC and the game is working perfectly now... I LOVE it. There are a few things that could improve though.

1. Some sound effects should be improved: guns fired, shell impacts, explosions, ...

2. When selecting 2 or more units, you can move / attack order them by right clicking but you can also keep your right mouse button pressed and select the way they should face. You should make this available when having 1 unit selected. Now i have to move them and then select the rotate function.

That's all i can think of for now...
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