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Originally Posted by oweng1980 View Post
For me guys, i think before we jump to modern era type weaponry, much better if the TOW will focus first on the Cold War, well TOW Korea is part of it, but the weaponry in there is still WW2 type, the likes of Arab-Israeli conflict, we see the modernized Centurion of the Israelis and their American Tanks against the Arabs Russian built ones. I think this is the better next concept of TOW before we jump to modern era weaponry that we have now.
I have to agree, before ToW moves into a proper modern-setting, I think the ToW series should develop more and more gameplay-wise to build up to a superior game for that setting.

Don't get me wrong, I'd buy a modern-setting ToW game, but I think it would be a jump too big for the devs.

I really like the fact that they chose Korea for the third game; it's such a niche setting in war games (hardly any Korean-setting games out there) and features a combination of WWII tech that we've all seen with some new tech (e.g. helicopters).

The next setting for the next ToW game, I think, should be another niche setting or maybe multiple niche settings during the Cold War period (start with one then release a few others as DLC's or expansions). It's up to them which war they want, it could be the 1948 Arab-Israeli War (no game, I think, has ever gone there before), the Vietnam War, whatever they want.
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