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Default DXTory Causes Crash

Hello, I'm new to Men of War but even after barely an hour of gameplay, I realized how much potential this game has - but the lack of some kind of skirmish mode got me interested to play around with the Editor instead - seeing as how many units the game has at its disposal.

A few friends of mine showed some interest in seeing the game, and editor in action live - and since I've bought DXTory solely to use it for streaming, I wanted to show them what the game is like.

However, whenever I try to use DXTory, whether to record or stream - the game will crash, giving this error;

Program will be terminated.
[0x5f4681d4] [EXCEPTION_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION] [noncontinuable 1]

I don't know if this is some kind of anti-cheat or whatnot, but it is preventing me from streaming this game at all.

What's weird though, is that FRAPS works just fine to record it. But FRAPS doesn't support streaming(as far as I know) and it is incredibly inefficient compared to DXTory - so not really an option for me.

Does anyone know if there's some patch/mod/fix for this? It would be greatly appreciated...!
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