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Default I'm a ToW newcomer and here's my quick impression

a couple of weeks ago, my cousin show me Theatre of War 3: Korea. i was impressed, the game is so realistic. i'm a big fan of strategy games, but never i my life experienced a game like this before. the armored vehicles are so detail, you can hit the turret, track, etc... wow that was impressive!

the infantry engagement is also good, but they die to easily. i love the sound effects, especially when we heard it from distance.

i really enjoy the mission generator. my favorite part is when create the infantry engagement. very addictive!

i want to say thank you to the developers who make this game. i'm becoming more interested in history, especially the Korean War and Cold War because of this great game.

i do hope the publisher and developers aren't abandon this franchise. it has great potential in the future. i really wish next year we will hear news about the new Theatre of War game. personally, i want the next game to be set somewhere in Europe during the 70s Cold War. you know that what-if scenario. lots of possibilities to explore, for example West Germany vs East Germany or NATO vs Warsaw Pact. or a war in modern Africa such as Rhodesian Bush War. but i don't mind if the game takes us back to WW2 era. that would be great too. whatever the next TOW game, i'll support it.

in conclusion, Theatre of War 3: Korea is a game that i never expected but turns out to be one of the best strategy games i've ever played.

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