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What is IP/port number of this server?

Using HyperLobby: Ciel-De-Guerre
Using the game client:
Ciel-De-Guerre is online every day from 06:00 pm to 10:00 pm Paris time (France).

Is it playable without IL2 Selector?
Sorry NO. You need IL2 Selector (no matter the version) to allow your client to use at least 512 MB of RAM. There are too much static and moving objects in each mission to be playable without. The IL2 Selector default settings work fine.
Like SweetFX, IL2 Selector is essential to fully enjoy IL2, and is fully compatible with the stock patches. I use IL2 Selector (2.3.0) since 4.10m and the game version is 4.13.4m now like you know...
I can send you some missions in order to test them without IL2 Selector.

SAS Selector v3.3.0
SAS Selector Manual
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