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Originally Posted by howiesfunware View Post
I'm in the area the save calls "Darkness". This is the room where a body is on a platform and an axe is stuck in what looks like a control board. Once you touch the body you're transformed to the past and across form where you are is a control room with some guy pounding on the glass from the inside.

To make a long story short, once you get in there and you are then transported back to the present, and some infected (I don't know what you call these things) is shooting at you from across the way, I can't bring up any of my weapons. I have a gun full of amo as well as the other weapons. So I'm totally defenseless because I can't get the game to allow me to use any weapon. So I run out there just to say hi to this thing and it kills me. The game has me starting back at the point where I can touch that body again but once again, I'm stripped of my weapons. That infected that was shooting at me is now active when it shouldn't be there because I need to redo that whole scenario.

I've redone this a few times with the same outcome, present time and can't bring up any weapons.
Hi, please clarify you can't use any weapon after you finish mental echo, or you can't use it when you are in the other man body? If you have the second variant, then it is not a bug, there are only few moments when you can use weapons in mental echo.
You can also use quite detailed walkthrough at Gamershell:
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