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I got the demo for this yesterday, after a friend told me about Elven Legacy, and I determined that it was a sequel to Fantasy Wars. I thought I'd try Fantasy Wars first, since I figured I could get it cheaper, and I like to start at the beginning.

I like the demo a lot, and thought I'd pick up a copy. I've never bought from the company handling the purchase on the company's website (metaboli), so I thought I'd check other direct download outlets first. It's not available through Steam or Impulse, but it was on GamersGate. I was about to buy it when I noticed that GamersGate listed the DRM on the game as StarForce.

Now, I quite simply will not install anything that uses StarForce, ever. So I won't be buying it from GamersGate.

I considered purchasing it through the link on the main page for the game, but this Metaboli site doesn't specify what the copy protection method for the copy they're distributing is. I don't want to pay $9.99 for something that turns out to have StarForce on it (And end up having to reinstall windows just to be sure it's fully uninstalled...), so I was wondering if anyone knows for certain whether or not the package Metaboli is distributing uses Starforce or not?

If no one knows, I won't risk it, and will probably just buy Elven Legacy instead.
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