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Default Playable?

Ok these are examples not quotes, rant/ton o text below.

Playable is very subjective. Some ppl are fine with 10fps others need 60fps and comparring Cod to a game with a big budget and two years old to CoD is unfair. Sure Mass Effect2 or whatever plays great/80 fps on all kinds of pc configs but thats completly different. Also whoever said CoD is not playable is dead wrong! maybe it doesnt play on there pc or doesnt have all the stuff IL2 does after 10 years but then they should write a letter to there pc telling it to upgrade and it sucks cuz it doesnt play todays games at max or wait 10 years and come back when CoD is "finished" oh wait they can do that with il2 now!

On the other hand there are several other games on the market today that no hardware exists to max them out, I wish more ppl would keep that in mind when they decide to tell the world not to play/buy the last realistic ww2 cfs in the world cause it doesnt play on there hardware(or maybe it does but there to lazy to fresh install there hdd or tweak there settings properly).

Also from what I have seen if you have a 32 bit OS or less then 1gb vram/4gb ram you will struggle more then others.
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