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Default Orcs campaing items problems !

Hi , so I'm just taking up the OOTM campaing and I seem to have a problem with the items. Im running an impossible no loss warrior and I just got to Scarlet Wind. Problem is I just spend a TON of gold on Ghost Blade and Shovel items.


Shovel enhances the tooltip of treasure hunter (4 chests and 2 objects ) but I only have 3 green dots (chests) in EVERY battle. I tested this in 10 battles , never had I had 4 greens.

Ghost Blade:

So my 5 paladins deal ~100ish damage to a stack of Assasins without Ghost Blade equiped and they deal exactly the same 100 dmg with it. The min-max value are EXACTLY the same when I hover my mouse over the enemy.

50% + of 100 should be 150. Tested this again on several ocassions. This seems to happen only with items of OOTM new items , old items work just fine.

This is very frustrating because:
1. I spent tons of gold and had to run with 1/3 leadership army to do it. It was excrutiating to fight so many battles on imp. no loss like that. I figured the sacrifice would be worth it once I get the items. Imagine my expressions when I figured out they dont quite work.
2. Serious issue if new items dont would suck big time.

Please help me with this ,I'm so frustrated right now.

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