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Default Current State

Current state of my work is:
  1. Corrected texts in mission briefings, action menu, main menu (German only)
  2. Corrected textures with wrong texts
  3. Subtitles (German only)
  4. Splash screens of every mission now display level name (German only)
  5. Every mission now starts with an intro text with infos about place and year (German only) Some cutscenes also...
  6. no company logos & new logo
  7. Main menu effects optimized. Credits optimized
  8. Blood enabled and uncensored textures
  9. Timer in mission "Project Y" decreased from 3 to 30 minutes
  10. While watching through the sniper window, the breath of the player is now hearable (reactivated!)
  11. Minor changes...
  12. New @ 06. Sept.2008
  13. The malfunction in level "Project Y" can now be activated again and again
  14. The local alert in level "Project Y" can now be activated again and again
  15. Level without ambient music have now one
  16. Level with muted ambient music have now louder ones
  17. Added rain ambient sound to level "Die Spies!"
  18. Added wind ambient sound to level "Winter cold"
  19. minor fixes...
  20. New @ 07. Sept.2008
  21. Muted SFXs are now heareable (louder)
  22. Replaced the SFX for photographing and stunning
  23. Corrected some spelling errors.
  24. New @10.Sept.2008
  25. Removed unnecceary <tab> in briefing texts (German only)
  26. Reformatted briefing textes (German only)
  27. The hotel manager know says "Welcome to Hotel Metropol Sir!. Have a nice day", when you check in (German only)
  28. The doctor in level "Rescue" now carries an health pack in his inventory.
  29. Changed sound effects for photographing, and stun with better ones
  30. The sound effects for change cloth, put mine and use chlororform are now louder and heareable
  31. Changed a picture of a portrait with strange "Mars environment like" picture with one of an forest in autumn.
  32. Changed the label of one bottle in hotel bar with my own
  33. The female soldiers are now blond. This looks more german
  34. Changed some german voices so they sound better or are in correct german.
  35. Minor things...
  36. New @ 14. Sept.2008
  37. Corrected some of the german speeches
  38. Added and enhanced many many ambient sounds and musics like the pool, the foyer & library in hotel.
    river sounds, Cyclotron in Project Y etc.
  39. Added small dialog text to some npcs who interact with the player (the courier and the babushka in Wintercold,
    Polyakov in Stronghold, the informant in Rescue etc.
  40. The lady with blue dress and the one with green dress have a little bit transparent tops
    Also the nurses and the lady with the magenta dress also from the back
  41. One of the ladies in Hotel with brown hair is now read headed. Because there was already one with brown hair, and
    all the madames look the same.
  42. Minor thins and bugs...
  43. New @ 1st Oktober 2008
  44. Replaced 90% of the german speeches with better ones (without russian accent. That was rather funny Nazis with russian accent )
  45. Added sooo many ambient sound fx to enhance game experience...
  46. The courier in Wintercold now has an better face texture
  47. Tthe courier can now die, if the player has freed him. No failed missions anymore
  48. Added new color encoding system to small messages (red = alert, light red = end of alert, white = tipps & info, green = npc speech, yellow = player speech)
  49. Replaced the face, the eye color and the hair color of the female german soldier to look more german/arian.
  50. Replaced the hair color of one of the brunette women in level "hotel" to red. Because they all look the same due to the same 3d model.
  51. Replaced the facte textur of one of the hotel ladies to black (afro).
  52. Replaced the face of one of the ladies in hotel with better one, so they all look more different
  53. Corrected the texts on textures like boxes and crates. Also german text on boards etc.
  54. Corrected some wrong and ugly names of weapons and equipment (e.g. Revolver to Nagan)
  55. Changed the face texture of the female scientist in level "Project Y"
  56. The player now carries the fake documents in Level "Hotel" in his inventory. He also recieves the correct ones after he takes it from the hotel safe.
  57. The babka (old granny) in level wintercold now carries a health kit in her inventory. Also the courier.
  58. Most of the guards in level "Ambassy" carry a sten mp on their back.
  59. In level "Payback" the player now carries a bottle of poison in his invetory (for poisoning the alcohol of one of the german officers)
  60. The player now carries the agent list in his inventory, after he has stolen it from the spy school in level "Die spies!"
  61. Every of the three cooks in "Hotel" carry a knife in their inventory.
  62. Added some help texts
  63. Player now recieves only 5% damage per interval in refrigerator room instead of 10%
  64. Corrected and enhanced some of the brieifing texts
  65. Many minor changes...
  66. New @ 12th October 2008
  67. Changed many sound effects and ambients with better and louder ones
  68. Changed the face and the hair of the lady in the ambassery. The one with velvet dress
  69. Exchanged one ugly woman model in ambassery with better one which was unused in game
  70. Added brown hair color for second skin of the new lady
  71. The female german soldier has now a better face textur
  72. Added ability to steal the key from the archivist in ambassery
  73. Added ability to stun the archivist in ambassery from the front
  74. Added ability to stun som other npcs from the front (e.g. the professor, the colonel etc.)
  75. Added some sound fx (water drops on toilets, flies flying in outer toilet cabins. New alarm sound in Project Y. Frogs in "8 Scharpshooters" ...
  76. The traitor in hotel now carries a Nagan with silencer instead of an TT-33
  77. Changed and corrected some weapon and equipment names like Nagan (former revolver) etc.
  78. Much more I can't remeber at the moment
  79. New @ 16th October 2008
  80. Added new tipps in Level "Ambassy"
  81. The Tipps are now shown every 60 seconds instead of 110
  82. Replaced the Cloth of one lady sitting in foyer of the ambassy. Her dress looked to much like the other woman's (just another color)
  83. Replaced and enabled many sound effects like: Russian radio, frogs near rivers, strange sounds in prison
  84. Also replaced one of the cock sounds in level "Payback" with the sound of a cow
  85. Replaced soudn of chicken in same level with better quality one.
  86. Replaced the kissing woman in Hotel with an topless cleaner
  87. New @ 8th November 2008
  88. Changed and corrected the texts on the six blackboards in spy school
  89. Changed the face of one man in ambassy to old man, because there were to less old people in the game (more realitstic)
  90. Changed the rusty grate in some levels
  91. Changed the brightness of some stones on the ground (stronghold etc.)
  92. Corrected wrong and ugly texts on ammo chests and boxes
  93. Corrected the wrong text on smal crates.
  94. Walls and tiles on the wall and ground of the wc in ambassy are now sharper
  95. Walls and tiles of some rooms in Project Y are now sharper
  96. The clothes of the peasant in Payback are now brighter
  97. The metal doors in HQ of Cannibal are now sharper and more detailed
  98. Optimized the face textur of Wenk Bartels (one of three targets in level Payback)
  99. Optimized the looking of the windows in HQ in level Cannibal
  100. The face of the german soldier in camouflage is now looking better
  101. Enhanced the range of sight in level Packback
  102. Enhanced many sound fx in all levels (e.g. you can hear the train in "8 Sharpshooters". You can hear the steps of the player while moving on snow or stone ground. Thunder in Spyschool, cow in village (Payback), dog barking, chicken sounds, while creeping you hear the breath and heartbeat of the player...)
  103. The Germans do not use grantes in stronghold anymore, this was not logical at ingame levels.
  104. The driver in level "Cannibal" can now be stunned frontally
  105. Many other small and medium changes...
  106. New On 25th November 2008
  107. With the help of the ShadVS de/compiler:
  108. The two identical female soldiers in the radio room (level Cannibal) look now different. The new one has black hair, different face and eye color ...
  109. Corrected and optimized game menu texts and ui texts (german version only)
  110. Added a health kit to equipment selection window in level "Stronghold" (the only level without one)
  111. The hostile soldier in the concentration camp (where the question mark is in the hut) is no longer hostile, as long you a german uniform.
  112. Wrote out the number 8 in "8 Sharpshooters" (german version only) in gamemenu and loading screen.
  113. small other things...
  114. 3rd December 2008
  115. Remove the top & bottom borders from credits. Looked ugly to me.
  116. Replaced the whistle sound of the player with better one.
  117. Replaced the faces of some women in level "Ambassy" with better ones
  118. Replaced again the two female soldiers in radio room of hq in level "Cannibal" with better qualty faces.
  119. Replaced face of the prison guardian (brown uniform) and all soldiers in camouflage with better one.
  120. Replace the face of one of the german officers, because his face was used 3 times with little differnces.
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