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Default Armored Princess (1.2) Mods Updated for Crossworlds (1.3)

Since the wonderful Russians that build so many of the mods put up new, Crossworlds-compatible versions of some of the most popular mods for Armored Princess (mods available in original Russian here, if desired), and nobody has yet taken the time to convert them over, I took a swing at localizing the updates for the English crowd.

Descriptions of the mods, via spamm's original thread for AP:
Originally Posted by spamm View Post
("wo_b" model is without bold numbers)

- Intro movies disabled (ignoring options set-up).
- In pop-up messages, showing damage prognosis, numbers are set off in bold and bright color.
- Pop-up message for the scroll now shows its price.
- Pop-up messages for spell upgrade/study now show info about all the future levels, not just the next one
- Pop-up messages for the skills now show info about all the future levels, not just the next one.
- Pop-up messages for the medals now show info about all the future levels, not just the next one.
- In "pet-levelup" window now show ragecost for new abilities.

russian screenshot


- Camera range increased from 18 to 32

Contract heroes

- Name of all contract heroes marked by *

russian screenshot

Hint for pet skills

Pop-up messages for pet skills now show:
- Base experience (always) (by Serimon);
- Remaining improvement for skills and maximum (not in combat).

Regarding the text: I pulled from the old mod translations wherever I could, but there were still several sets of new strings, and my Russian is sketchy at best, so feel free to post here about any translation corrections needed.

I only converted over the 'orcs' set of mods, not the 'addon' set, which I believe are designed for running against the base version of AP after you have CW installed. If there is significant demand, I could run a compare between the two sets and see if there are any changes between the 'addon' mods and the original AP 1.2 versions of the mods.

You'll need to unzip any of these mods you want to use to [ArmoredPrincessFolder]\sessions\orcs\mods. (You'll need to create the 'mods' folder, if you haven't already.)
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